Tester’s role in Scrum/Agile Team

In today’s competitive environment, Everybody wants to be ahead of Others. So is the case with the Organizations which want to offer there services with lesser time to market to end customer with less cost & better quality. In order to achieve this, Organizations are moving towards Agile methodology seeing more benefits over waterfall or other methodologies.

In a agile environment, development is carried out in short sprints. Scrum Teams work independently during the sprint to move ahead with development. Now, the question comes who all comprises Scrum Team. The Answer is Developers, Testers, Business Analyst, Designers. Every person plays an important role in making sprint a Success.

Scrum Methodology

When a sprint starts, Product Owner shares his wishlist with scrum teams & based on time estimates & capacity within the team, items are selected for development. So, Developers starts working on the items while Testers need to perform requirement analysis to find if there are any gaps in the requirement. Along with it, Test Planning, Test case Development, Test Data & Test Environment setup needs to be done before Development items are Ready for Testing. This means Testers work in parallel with developers on the feature to be developed. By the mid of sprint, Testers start receiving features for testing. If there are bugs, they get resolved within the sprint. Unless there are more bugs which can’t be fixed in the same sprint, Feature is developed & tested and is ready for sign-off from PO (Product owner/ Client) . After sign-off, features are Deployed at the end of sprint.

So a tester should not feel that his/her role will come once features are ready for testing. They need to start the work the moment sprint starts. Testers involvement from the start of development helps to identify issues earlier rather than later in the development phase which helps saves Time & Money.

I hope I was able to clear the doubt regarding testers role in Scrum Team. Still if anyone has a questions, please ask. I will be more than happy to answer them.

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