Difference between Test Case and Test Scenario

Every tester has to write test cases or Test cases as well as Test Scenarios depending upon the depth of documentation being followed in there respective organization. Some times, it becomes difficult for some one new to understand the difference between them so lets understand what exactly is Test Case & Test Scenario.

Test Scenario basically means a flow which a user can follow. A single Test Scenario can have multiple Test Cases but vice versa is not True. Lets understand with an example. User logging into website is scenario because this is a flow.

Test Case is a subset of Test Scenario. All test cases are derived from Test Scenarios. Taking the reference from example above, we can have following test cases:

  1.  Login using Correct credentials on website
  2.  Login using Incorrect username.
  3.  Login using Incorrect password.

Similarly, we can have more Test cases to check for Validation of input fields

  1.  Test for validation of username field to accept only valid email address (assuming username used on website is a email address).
  2.  Test for size limit of password
  3.  Test whether special characters are accepted as password
  4.  Verify blank spaces are not accepted as password
  5.  Verify blank password field is not accepted.

These are not the only test cases we can have. As a tester, we need to always strive to break the system in order to become better tester & increase our understanding about Application under Test. 🙂

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